First Rant: Bookmarking

One of my purposes of this blog is to reduce my collection of bookmarks on programming and computer administration.  I’m going through my current bookmarks trying to enter some of the more helpful links in here, and it occurs to me how poorly bookmarks and favorites are handled.  Several features could be made that would improve user experience in managing favorites:

  • Allow users to enter comments about the bookmark.  This would let me add a comment listing the reason that I had for bookmarking this page.
  • Allow searching through the bookmarks and comments.
  • Synchronize bookmarks between computers without copying the Favorites directory or using a service like Sync2It.

 Did you know that Vista lets you do several of the above?  Expand your Favorites menu, right-click on a Favorite, choose Properties, and go to the Details tab.  Metadata for Rating, Description, and Notes are provided.  But it isn’t integrated with Internet Explorer!

Even more curiously, the Web Document tab of the URL has a space for Visits.  It looks like this is a count of the number of visits to the site–the last visit date/time would be more interesting.  There might be a little bug in it too.  It never seems to update on my computer, and a coworker gets it incremented by 2 for every visit he makes to the site!

I should be able to see this information without pulling up the file properties.  Then I could see all my five-star blog Favorites or sort the list by the last date I visited a site or see that I tried the solution and it worked for XP but not Vista…

There’s no reason I should have to go to the file system to get information about the bookmark that the OS is aware of but not the browser…


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