Another double-translation…

Guess the source! The translation was English to Korean and back.

It sleeps equally all men create and before 87 years it was thought inside freedom, that, it gave in proposition and the new nation got this by our fathers in the continent.

Now we are thought that nation, or like this and the what kind of nation which we give like this, it will be able to endure for a long time and multi inside company one civil war which it examines it is engaged. We meet in the company one battlefield of that warfare. We came in order to give the portion of that field, with the hazard last rest thread here flesh n them to whom that nation gives their life. That we this, the whole it is suitable and it is suitable.

In a but, big consideration, us us the possibility of doing under dedicating which is not us the possibility of doing the new star which is not it does and ground the possibility of doing it is not under. Here it fought hard, the man who is brave, existence and thing additional one which dies it dedicated up it of the force which us whom it damages is poor, far. We think from here talking and world-wide will the enemy week, the for a long time when is not, but assuredly the possibility of forgetting here it is not. Us hazard existence, rather, here it fights and to be like this it is noble till now and here in order to give at the incomplete day which advances it is. It this lion of here to this nation, in the providence lower part, by the government of the person from the endurance freedom will be new birth, by the person, hazard the person, in cry of distress gruel highland Anh – inside becoming Hus, not dying from the lion which gives this honor us them that last in that cause which gives the devotion which is sufficient in the devotion which increases us on the front of us whom it takes away in the remainder company one business will give hazard rather is and – we decide here highly.


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