Great article on Halo 3: “Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3”

I have thoroughly enjoyed Halo 3.  I’ve completed the campaign on Normal, played through several favorite missions on Heroic, and beaten one mission on Legendary (mainly through persistence, rather than skill).

However, I feel that I miss one of the prime components of it: Xbox Live connectivity.  I don’t enjoy multiplayer that much, because I spend more time respawning than playing.  And there’s a simple reason for that.  I might spend 30 minutes playing it, if I’m lucky.  I have this thing called a life that involves work, family, mortgage, etc.  Lots of people on Xbox Live do not.  They may spend hours a day online playing.  And I don’t enjoy playing because it’s no fun being the worst in the room at it.

A friend sent me a link to a Wired article, “Suicide Bombing Makes Sick Sense in Halo 3.”  In a nutshell, Clive Thompson accurately conveys the way Halo 3 creates a microcosm that empowers those with nothing to lose to go down taking someone with you.  I found his commentary fascinating–well worth a read.

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