Excellent customer service!

I typically shoot at least 250 rounds a week through my Walther P22.  After a while of this level of usage, I was noticing that the slide was having a harder time returning to battery after a shot; there would be a slight gap visible between the opening on the slide and the rear of the bore.  It was easy to handle–eject the magazine slightly, pull the slide (the slide didn’t come forward far enough for the extractor to catch), release, reseat the magazine, resume shooting–but becoming annoying nonetheless.

Last Thursday, I called Walther to order a new recoil spring because I suspected that was the problem.  I got a human on the second or third ring who asked how he could help me.  I replied, “I need to order a new recoil spring for a Walther P22.”  He asked for my name and address, and said, “OK, it’ll be on its way today.”  I received it in yesterday’s mail, with no charge.  How’s that for top-notch service?  Kudos to Walther and Smith & Wesson (who fulfilled the order)!

And it has a pretty nice 7-yard group, too:

2 thoughts on “Excellent customer service!

  1. Nice to hear especially since I’ve been considering getting a P22 for cheap shooting. Seems like it’s in a gun companies best interest to have good service… they know you’re armed. 😉

    Cross (the pen people) have excellent customer service too, at least they used to; haven’t had the need to call in over a decade. Anyway, once I needed to buy a new cap to one of my pens, since I somehow lost it. They said they couldn’t just give me a cap because they couldn’t guarantee that the finish would be identical between runs. So they told me they’d be sending a new pen. A whole new pen at no charge because I was a dumb a$$ and lost the cap. Incredible!

  2. I’ve been very happy with the P22, even running fairly cheap ammo through it–the Remington 550-round bonus box from Wal-Mart at $12 is my usual unless something else is on sale. When it’s too dirty, you’ll find that the slide has a hard time going into battery within the first few rounds of a magazine. If I cleaned it more than every 1,000 rounds or so that would help too. 😉

    The other thing to be cautious of is that the barrel nut can loosen a little bit, then the threads foul so that it doesn’t hold the barrel sleeve flush against the breach block. I usually check it every 100 rounds or so to make sure it’s tight.

    If you’ve not seen it, I recommend you find a copy of the P22 Bible: http://www.freespeech.com/1917-1911M_P22_bible.pdf

    I think its shortcomings have more to do with the .22LR round than the P22!

    But I find I can happily put up with the few “slide reseats” that I have. Especially since 250 round of:

    .22 = $6
    9mm = $40
    .45 ACP = $75

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