The Oh-So-Useful Scroll Wheel

Here’s a great tip for improving your surfing experience while using a tabbed browser (verified in IE7 and Firefox by me):

Clicking the scroll wheel on a link on a page opens that page in a new tab.  So now I don’t have to hold down Control to click on all the interesting links that I see in an article!

(Clicking it on the title of a tab will also close that tab.  That trick also works in Visual Studio!)


3 thoughts on “The Oh-So-Useful Scroll Wheel

  1. Actually, it only works if you have your scroll whell defined in the mouse software as “Middle Click”. The default for Microsoft’s Mouse software (at least my version with the Wireless Intellimouse Explorer) for wheel click is “Next Window”.

    Easy change and a much preferred result 🙂

  2. Great tip David!

    I also noticed that the Google Toolbar wants to treat the new tab opening as a popup. I wound up disabling popup blocking in Google Toolbar; IE7’s popup blocker seems to have improved where it’s sufficient to block popups now.

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