Recommendations wanted: solar charger

I’ve been looking a bit at solar chargers as a gift recommendation for Christmas.  I have yet to find the ideal one, so I thought I’d ask for input.  Here are the specifications that I would like to see:

  • Has internal, user-replaceable battery for storing power
  • Indicator of current charge level and solar “strength” level
  • Can charge internal battery from USB or sun, I already have a combo 12VDC/120VAC to USB adapter that would be an ideal partner for this feature
  • Has place to charge 2 AA or AAA batteries (note that a clever design could make these the internal battery)
  • Has either a clip or lanyard hole to fasten to backpack
  • Reasonable size/weight, probaby in the 1/2 pound range (minus batteries being charged) and in the “deck of playing cards” size range (which implies that the panels are foldable, I think the Solio design is nice for that)
  • USB output, pretty much any gadget I want to use can charge from that
  • No non-detatchable cords

Any recommendations?  Thanks!


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