Book Review – Shutter Volume 1: Wanderlost

Shutter, Vol. 1 combines a fast-paced, action-filled story with absolutely beautiful full color artwork for an extremely enjoyable read. The book shows what a good first volume should: hints of a rich backstory, things transpiring that are consequences of that backstory, and threads of events unfolding that are far deeper than what the author reveals at this point.

The dizzying cast of characters and whimsically malevolent beings (assassins riding a triceratops! ghost ninjas! feline humanoid killers!) adds a sense of fun to the story. This is one of those comics where it’s best to accept what’s going on and enjoy the ride.

My only complaint is that many frames seemed excessively wordy; some sharp editing would give it more flow and make the story snap a bit more. And then it had the temerity to end right at a good part, leaving me wanting more! Great debut of a series, I will look forward to the next volume.

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley.

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