Book Review – The Book of Memory Gaps

1.5 stars. The good is that the artwork is an instantly likable ink wash reminiscent of Edward Gorey. The bad is that there is no substance at all with which I could connect. This short book (the Kindle version has only 42 locations!) covers 14 characters who suffer from memory loss. Each character has a small portrait picture, a few sentences discussing the effect of memory loss on their lives, and a larger picture that illustrates their story. While the author conveys sadness in each vignette, there is no real understanding of the tragedy of memory loss.

The book is also described as “hauntingly funny.” I fail to see anything funny about any of the stories, unless one chooses to make a mean-spirited joke at the expense of the characters.

Not for me, I’m afraid.

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley.


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