Book Review – Serenity: Leaves on the Wind

4.5 stars. Where the previous Serenity graphic novels filled in storylines here and there, Leaves on the Wind continues the plot from the end of the movie. The story is engrossing, a logical continuation of the events after leaving Miranda.

The strengths of the comic are the same as the show: strong characters that the reader feels at gut level and razor-sharp, witty dialog. The comic could have succeeded simply by resting on the laurels of Joss Whedon fandom, but wisely, it does not.

The artwork leaps off the page, typically being bold outline and solid color fill. Scenes are beautifully drawn with attention to background detail. Some frames, especially some when several characters are seen from a distance, could have benefitted from a bit more facial detail–shading is used effectively, but nuance of expression is lost.

A separate short–chronologically between the end of the movie and the start of the main story–is at the end. As with most of the Serenity shorts, it is a satisfying and enjoyable vignette offering more depth into the ‘Verse.


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