Book Review – Fables, Volume 20: Camelot

A resounding 5 stars. The last volume seemed like a total dismantling of the Fables universe, making me think that its ending at issue 150 couldn’t come soon enough. Camelot makes it seem as if that is far too soon. This volume is everything that I love about the series: heroic deeds done very tongue-in-cheek, a smart awareness of culture, snappy dialog, and an innate understanding of the role of stories. The threads of the end of the series are coming together, unfolding with the dignity and solemnity of a classical tragedy.

The relationships between the characters continue to evolve, giving richness to the story. Ultimately, that is what drives the Fables universe, and the conflicts, friendships, and alliances are unique and memorable because they both draw from and build upon the popular legend source material. The Arthurian legends that serve as the basis of this volume are resonant and strong, tapping into a primal vein of chivalry that runs deep through fantasy.

Camelot also contains the most valedictory story since The Good Prince, presented as a beautiful interlude in the woods. This segment reminded me of Harry Potter’s vision towards the end of The Deathly Hallows–high praise indeed!

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