Book Review – The Great Gatsby

4 stars. My reading goal for 2015 is to read one “classic” a month. The Great Gatsby was an excellent way to kick off my classics reading, characterized by its lush prose and theme of the “American Dream” pushed to the point of total excess. I loved the richness of the writing. Fitzgerald’s phrasing is excellent, and I found many passages that used the perfect words to convey his meanings. I also appreciated that he was able to use such full language without being flowery or wordy. He uses his language to devastating effect in satirizing the society redolent in excess of the Jazz Age.

Ultimately, the reason that I did not love the book is simple: Daisy, as we see her in the book, is not a girl worthy of Gatsby’s quixotic love. Jay Gatsby is, ethically speaking, the best character in the book because he achieved success not for love of wealth, but for love of Daisy, and she in turn chose stability and comfort–and the man who wants her as a prize more than as a person–over this love.

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