Book Review – The Girl Who Would Be King

2.75 stars. I purchased The Girl Who Would Be King on the cheap based on io9’s strong recommendation. Overall, Kelly Thompson’s crowdfunded tale of the multi-generational conflict of superpower-possessing teens Bonnie Braverman and Lola LeFever is a hot mess. The plot is rather unbelievable and all over the place, and Bonnie and Lola are both cookie-cutter characters. Lola has far more depth and a much more interesting voice in the split narrative, but she is hampered by cartoon villain syndrome, becoming more caricature than character. A good narrator could have trimmed the story down to a much meatier essence, with a better end result. For all that, this book still manages to be entertaining fun, but more on a silly summer blockbuster level than for any kind of real value.


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